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Agricultural Projects Information System (APIS)

Agricultural Projects Information System (APIS), currently revitalized and managed by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), was supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)-Jerusalem, and funded by the Spanish Cooperation, intends to compile all information available concerning agricultural and other related projects, as well as relevant information about the different organizations involved in agricultural activities in the WBGS. It also aims at providing updated information with the latest developments in agriculture from all its members.

APIS, as an agricultural response monitoring tool and resource site, seeks to provide comprehensive information to avoid duplication of efforts and enhance coordination in the sector, and therefore constituting a useful tool to better channel donors assistance. APIS will provide valuable information such us: identification of under-funded areas, level of funding and support to the different sub-sectors and their geographical areas, current status of different agricultural sub-sectors and their needs, for example, their need for specific coordination, etc. Also, APIS contains a database for the Palestinian agricultural experts, in order to facilitate a rapid identification of the locally available expertise and GIS presentation for the data system.

FAO considers APIS an integral part of its ongoing mission in the WBGS and will exert every effort in order to have it sustainably active and continuously updated and used by all related local and international institutions working in the agriculture and agriculture related projects, as:

i)                     An agricultural and food security monitoring tool

ii)                   Response monitoring tool (projects and activities responding to the needs) (to be fed and used by ALL, (execution, implementation org. and donors)

iii)                  As a resource site, will provide information on:

a.       areas where agricultural and related projects are being implemented;

b.       current status of different agricultural sub-sectors and their needs;

c.       extent of support to the different sub-sectors;

d.       key changes in the agricultural sub-sectors, response scenarios and modalities

e.       stakeholders (who are there and doing what?)

iv)                  A useful agricultural planning and decision support system that will assist all members in monitoring agricultural activities and needs, developing their response plans, and implementing them.

v)                    Assists both donors, and recipients in prioritizing their interventions based on assessment of the more needy sub-sectors, localities and people. 

vi)                  Helps donors identify partners and vice versa for implementing projects and help implementing organizations better allocate funding for their projects.

vii)                 Assists in identifying the sources of local and international expertise. 

viii)               Resources and training materials and modalities in food security and agriculture will be made available for all through APIS.

Currently more than 170 stakeholders have become APIS members in order to benefit from its services. All local and international stakeholders are invited to join/update their profiles.

APIS is available as an independent Web-based data base with its own domain name: www.fao-apis.org ,or www.apis.ps.